For Your Travel Bucketlist: 3 Reasons You Should Visit Singapore

Singapore landmarkSingapore is a hot travel destination. According to the latest figures, Singapore has been welcoming a lot of visitors in the recent years, with tourists from China, the US, and Britain as the biggest contributors to tourism receipts. It’s not a secret that Singapore indeed has lots of sights and adventures to offer, making it a top option in almost everyone’s travel bucket list. If you haven’t planned your trip to Singapore yet, these reasons may compel you to visit the Garden City:


Despite the neat, tall architectural buildings of Singapore, the messy, colourful world of arts is very much alive. And it’s not just in the four corners or so many museums in the city.

You will find spectacular doodles in the mall’s stairs, community centre benches, random walls, and even cars, thanks to Band of Doodlers. You will also catch spectacular outdoor night shows, like Sentosa’s Wings of Time. If you want to feast your eyes in colourful lights, water fountains, 3D visual effects, and lasers, then get a Wings of Time ticket. Treat yourself too to art walkabouts, or art exhibitions in outdoor areas.

Cultural Diversity

Singapore is home to a range of cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Diversity is something that the people deeply value. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encouraged preserving individual traditions and welcoming spaces for differences.

How does Singapore celebrate diversity? For one, they have many languages, but the government recognises four: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. They also dedicate celebrations and holidays for different religions. Of course, there’s also the fact that their food offers tastes from around the world, with cuisines from Malay, Indian, and Chinese communities.


Singapore is named ‘City in a Garden’ for a reason. It boasts of spaces that amazingly conserve biodiversity. You can visit Singapore Botanical Gardens for a nice time to reconnect with nature. Or you can see organic farms, like Bollywood Veggies. If you’re not into greenery though, just bask in the sheer cleanliness of the city.

Go back to your travel bucket list and keep Singapore at your priority places. You can’t miss the roar of the Lion City, calling for you.

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