About Us

Most of the known world is an open book, waiting to be read (visited). Wandering Steph is your guide to these places. Welcome to our site!

Wandering Steph is a travel magazine dedicated to providing travelers (both veteran and aspiring) with the latest travel news, updates, guides and more. We are an ever-growing team of travel buffs; all committed to giving you the most recent about the places you have always wanted to explore. We provide life hacks based on our own experiences, as well as your suggestions, to make things a little more comfortable for you.

We strive to be your number one source of information when it comes to figuring out where to go to next, what to see, things to do, and even where to eat. We do sound research, backed by reliable sources, to guarantee the ideal itinerary for you. We give you helpful little tidbits of advice to make your trip worthwhile, but leave room for you to explore the awesome things we have experienced ourselves. After all, some things are best discovered in person.

Our Writers

We are a team of travel enthusiasts who write about our escapades. We have a variety of writers who specialize in the different aspects of travel. Whether you need a travel guide, a list of local attractions, or a checklist of the best places to eat in an area or region, we have writers who can tell you what you want to know.

At Wandering Steph, we share your passion for travel, and we understand the difficulties that arise from this hobby. We give you proven techniques and tips from fellow travelers, as well as from our personal experiences.

Let us take care of providing you the small details so that you can enjoy the big experience.