Tips for First-time Travelers to Manila

metro manilaMetro Manila is one big adventure for the discerning traveler. With a population of more than 12 million and a landscape that mixes the rich and the poor and the old and new, it can surely shock first-timers or draw some to fall in love with its beautifully chaotic atmosphere.

So if you’re heading to Metro Manila soon, remember these valuable tips for a trip you’ll never forget:

Stay close to the airport

It’s important for first-time travelers to pick the right accommodation, preferably one that’s close to the airport, to avoid the stressful Manila traffic. Staying at hotels near SM MOA is an excellent choice because the area is only a few minutes away from all the four airports of the city. The location is also near famous tourist sites such as Intramuros and one of the biggest malls in the Metro where you can easily shop and dine.

The gateway to the best islands

Though there are some international airports outside Manila, it’s always best to land in the capital’s international airport if you’re coming from abroad. Landing in Manila can easily take you to other exciting destinations such as the Banaue Rice terraces in the North, the Mayon Volcano in the south, and even the beautiful beaches in the central west part of the country.

Try local

Eating street food is a must in Metro Manila. Everywhere you go, you will see carts selling sticks of pork meat, pork or chicken intestines, chicken liver, gizzard and the famous balut or fertilized duck egg. Don’t leave Manila without tasting these delicacies priced at less than 20 Pesos or 40 cents.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your mind open as you explore Manila. It can be a confusing city, but it has so much to offer, especially if you decide to dig deep. Have fun!

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