Exploring America Through Intriguing and Exciting Tours

Old abandoned mansion in mystic spooky forestWant to travel but don’t have that much time for an international vacation just yet? The United States has plenty of activities for you to enjoy, and you can always come back if you missed an opportunity once. Booking is easy, and you don’t have to worry about speaking a foreign language either.

There’s no single way to experience America. Take a look at these tours and treat your family to a fun adventure:

Ghost ToursĀ 

Every location has their share of ghost stories for tourists, but for some places like Charleston in South Carolina, you’ll be treated to more than random goosebumps. There are grave tours, pirate tours, and the ever popular ghost tours by Sandlapper Water Tours. Take this as late as possible for added spook factor if you’re eager to follow the lead of Buzzfeed Unsolved’s Ryan and Shane. If you’re a bit cautious, take the tour around sunset for a dramatic setting and a finish that is not late enough for you to skip sleep entirely that night.

Beach Tours

Florida. Hawaii. California. Literally, there are beaches everywhere in the United States, and you’ll be spoiled for options. Choose the state closest to you if you’ve got a small vacation budget, then when you’re ready to splurge, tackle the farther destinations. All of them are still in the country, so it will be like leaving home without really living.

Voodoo Tour

Places like New Orleans are known for their intriguing past and colorful festivals. Voodoo and ghost tours are a way to honor their traditions and to shed light on some of the curious things that happen in the dark. If you’re looking for a place that sends you home with more than a handful of stories to tell, New Orleans is the place for you.

You’re lucky to already be in the United States. You’re so close to interesting locations, so go ahead and explore.

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