Amazing Alternative Wedding Venues in Cornwall

Wedding RingsThe wedding of your dreams is something that occupies most of your time after you have been engaged. While most people dream of the more traditional way of walking down the aisle, some others want to break away from the usually travelled road and go for one that speaks best to them.

If you are one of them, alternative weddings in Cornwall might be right for you. If you feel a little bit overwhelmed now that you are preparing for your wedding, fret not. Bodmin Jail cites some of the best alternative wedding venues in Cornwall to get you inspired.

1. The Mill House

If you are looking for a wedding venue that is both consistent with your barn wedding ideas and yearning for the beach, then look no further. The Mill House offers the best of both worlds. This modern venue is a corn mill in the 18th century and is in the middle of Boscastle and Port Castle—both of which are fishing villages. It has a traditional country wedding feel but with an additional appeal of the Trebarwith Strand Beach.

2. Kudhva

Kudhva speaks to those who are more in tuned to their rugged side. Couples who choose Kudhva as a wedding venue will be treated to a beautiful Engine House that can be used for an intimate ceremony, as well as suppers outside where breathtaking views can be seen. If you and your guests enjoy the raw wild outdoors, then Kudhva should be on top of your list.

3. Bodmin Jail

This historic prison built for King George III in 1779 is truly an amazing venue for your wedding ceremony. Aside from being unique, the Bodmin Jail boasts a breathtaking architecture that would be a plus as you say your vows. Your photographer will have a field day taking stunning photos of you and your beloved.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Make it truly memorable by personalising it and going for the non-traditional. Refer to these three venue ideas for inspiration.

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