A Marvel Of The Midwest: Oklahoma Has These 6 Popular Sites Worth Visiting

A couple traveling in the cityAs one of the midwestern states in the US, Oklahoma boasts of natural attractions such as the Great Plains. While it has these and various lakes or forests, Oklahoma has its share of urban attractions as well. This diversity makes the state an excellent choice for tourists to explore.

Among the places to go in Oklahoma for first-timers, here are the ones recommended by travel sites.

River of Love Cabins

River of Love Cabins offers romantic cabin rentals in Oklahoma’s southern region. These are ideal for young couples embarking on a trip, or married partners celebrating their anniversary.

Stafford Air and Space Museum

The Stafford Air and Space Museum caters to tourists interested about Oklahoma’s achievements in aviation and space exploration. Historical models of aircraft can be found in the museum exhibits.

Spooks, Spirits, and Scoundrels Ghost Tour

For those looking for thrills and horror, the Spooks, Spirits, and Scoundrels Ghost Tour lets you in on historic and allegedly haunted buildings and sites in Oklahoma.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

True to its Midwestern geography, Oklahoma pays tribute to the wild west of the past through this museum. It showcases how life was like for the cowboys and the pioneers in the 1800s. It also acknowledges American Indians by showing their artwork.

Max’s Magic Theater

Tourists looking for amusement can go to Max’s Magic Theater, in which magicians perform tricks in front of an audience. The magic shows may take on a thrilling to a comedic nature. Audience members are typically picked by magicians to help with tricks.

Tiger Safari Zoological Park

Given its sprawling landscapes, Oklahoma would also be no stranger to wildlife attractions. The Tiger Safari Zoological Park serves as a habitat for wild fauna, mainly tigers, bears, and lemurs.

A Marvel Of The Midwest

In a nutshell, Oklahoma proves to be a great choice if you’re planning to explore the US Midwest. This state has attractions for nature and wildlife, and also has museums and entertainment spots. These places just show how Oklahoma is indeed a marvel of the Midwest.

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