3 Ways to Travel Cheap

Family in the airportDo you find yourself wondering how your friends and colleagues can travel while you’re stuck penny-pinching at home? Do you feel like travel is just too expensive for you and you won’t be able to do it without breaking the bank? You’re in for a treat! Here are three ways to travel cheap:

1. Be on the lookout for flight deals

Flying and cheap don’t go in the same sentence that often. However, with a bit of wisdom and resourcefulness, you’ll be able to travel by plane with a minuscule dent in your bank account. Consider connecting flights. Want to travel internationally? Cheap flights from South Bend Indiana can bring you to the main hubs in New York and Chicago. From those hubs, international promo flights are aplenty, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

2. Spend wisely

Is your idea of traveling staying in posh 5-star hotels and wining and dining in the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants? Well, unfortunately, there are hardly ways to save if that’s your style. A night’s stay in one of the posh hotels can easily fund your whole trip’s stay. If you’re open to living life like a local even just for a few days in the city you’re visiting, you can definitely save. Use Airbnb, VRBO, or booking.com to find deals that allow you to stay in other people’s homes. Couchsurfing is also a popular way to travel.

3. Pace yourself

If you travel as if you’re never traveling again, chances are you’ll be spending more than you plan. Fight the fear of missing out or FOMO that you feel when traveling. You don’t need to go to every attraction and eat at every restaurant. Pace yourself, take things slow and savor each moment. You can always go back especially if you learn how to spend smarter in your travels.

Traveling is one of the more rewarding activities one can do in his or her lifetime. You don’t have to wait for years before starting your traveling journey. Feed that wanderlust and start planning.

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