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3 Places You Shouldn’t Miss in Israel

When talking about popular destinations to tour around the world, Israel often isn’t top of that list. That’s sad considering that Israel has so much to offer. In spite of the fact that it’s one of the younger countries in the world, it has a rich history and diverse culture. […]


A Marvel Of The Midwest: Oklahoma Has These 6 Popular Sites Worth Visiting

As one of the midwestern states in the US, Oklahoma boasts of natural attractions such as the Great Plains. While it has these and various lakes or forests, Oklahoma has its share of urban attractions as well. This diversity makes the state an excellent choice for tourists to explore. Among […]


Exploring America Through Intriguing and Exciting Tours

Want to travel but don’t have that much time for an international vacation just yet? The United States has plenty of activities for you to enjoy, and you can always come back if you missed an opportunity once. Booking is easy, and you don’t have to worry about speaking a […]


Making Your Car Tires Last for a Longer Time

By Wandering Steph | September 26, 2018

When it comes to car ownership, there are many things that manufacturers and car enthusiasts often offer on maintenance and repair. When it comes to tires, the best way to keep car tires for a longer time is maintenance; and well-maintained car tires can last up to a decade and […]

Three Affordable Materials Making Their Mark in Interior Design

By Andrew Mortimer | September 21, 2018

Whether you are designing your first home or redecorating your current one, plywood, brick and wicker are increasingly popular for sprucing up the home.  After being hidden behind paint or plaster, these materials are now becoming staples for contemporary interior design. Plywood The use of plywood has trended in interior […]

Chilling in the Snowy Mountain: Ski Tips for Beginners

By Wandering Steph | September 21, 2018

Winter is fast approaching. But, while the chilly weather may drive you indoors, the season doesn’t mean your activities will be limited to sitting by the fireplace and waiting for the snow to melt. There are lots of engaging things you can do outdoors if you are brave enough to […]

For Your Travel Bucketlist: 3 Reasons You Should Visit Singapore

By Wandering Steph | September 10, 2018

Singapore is a hot travel destination. According to the latest figures, Singapore has been welcoming a lot of visitors in the recent years, with tourists from China, the US, and Britain as the biggest contributors to tourism receipts. It’s not a secret that Singapore indeed has lots of sights and […]

A big building in Bath, England

Make the Most of Your Short Trip in Bath, England

By Andrew Mortimer | August 20, 2018

If you want a short break and want to visit Bath, England, then you need to consider the best places you can stay for your short break and which iconic attractions to see to maximise your time. Where to Stay in Bath Whether your stay in Bath is short or […]